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We are looking for 20 enthusiastic students in local tertiary institutes and universities
(School or area of study does NOT affect the selection process)

只要你 If you are interested in…

1. 對互聯網議題有興趣 Internet related issues


Guest speakers will be invited to share their views on Internet related issues such as digital inclusion, security and online safety. Meanwhile how to leverage Information technology to achieve sustainable development goals such as no poverty, gender equality and climate action will be one of the key future discussions.

2. 有興趣直接參與國際間互聯網政策制定及討論 Directly participating in global Internet policy making process and governance discourse

將有機會代表香港青年出席2016年11月於印度舉辦的「互聯網名稱與數字地址分配機構會議 (ICANN)」和 12月於墨西哥舉辦的「聯合國網絡管治論壇 (UNIGF)」

You will have the chance to represent Hong Kong youth to attend ICANN Meeting in India in Nov 2016 and United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Mexico in Dec 2016

3. 有興趣籌辦本地和地區上推動青年關注網絡議題活動Organizing local and regional youth engagement and awareness raising events

將於2017年上半年度於全港不同中學舉辦「網絡管治工作坊」,暑假期間舉辦及推廣「香港青年網絡管治論壇 (Youth IGF Hong Kong)」以及籌辦 10月於澳洲舉行的「亞太區青年網絡管治論壇 (Asia Pacific Youth IGF)」

You will have the chance to organize Internet Governance Workshop among secondary schools in Hong Kong, the Youth IGF Hong Kong in 2017 Summer as well as the Asia Pacific Youth IGF in Oct 2017 in Melbourne, Australia


About Us

What we do?


In the coming year, after trainings, NetMission Ambassadors will participate in following conferences...

Photo Credit: Charminar Hyderabad by Abhinaba Basu

互聯網名稱與數字地址分配機構 - 第57次會議

ICANN 57 (18th AGM)

3-9 Nov 2016


Hyderabad, India

Photo Credit: Guadalajara, Mexico, October 2013 by Robert Nyman


United Nations Internet Governance Forum

6-9 Dec 2016


Guadalajara, Mexico

Photo Credit: Melbourne City Australia by Lenny K Photography


Youth IGF

Mid Oct 2017


Melbourne, Australia

*作為主辦單位As Organizer


Words from NetMission Alumni

我報名參加 NetMission 的時候, 沒有預期到八年後仍堅持著做有關網絡管治的工作。這八年來帶給我意想不到的經歷,訓練了溝通技巧和協調能力。當中也認識了一班好朋友,從政府官員到互聯網之父。一直的參與也讓我有機會成為聯合國網絡管治論壇多持份者諮詢委員會的一份子,落實協調一個世界性的會議。(哈哈,也不忘每次開會有機會周遊列國呀!)

When I first signed up for NetMission, I never expected to still work on Internet Governance related work after 8 years. I have learnt a lot in these 8 years, including my communications and coordination skills. I have also met a group of great friends, from Government officials to the Father of Internet. My continuous participation has also given me a chance to be elected as a member of United Nations Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group coordinate a global event (Of course, I never forget to have fun when I travel!).

何思穎,网域使命青年使者 1.0


Bianca Ho, NetMission Ambassador 1.0

Member of United Nations Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group

NetMission 是一個發揮潛力及達致夢想的完美的平台。在2012年,我們看到在多倫多ICANN會議這個提倡青年參與的良好機遇。作為NetMission的代表,我爭取了與ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé 單獨面談的機會。看到我們希望把年輕人的聲音帶到互聯網決策的一顆熱誠和決心,Fadi給予我們無限的支持,也造就了2013年在北京舉行的Youth ICANN和2014年在新加坡舉行的NextGen@ICANN計劃。我們深信,Netmission的成功絕對有賴於各成員欲改變互聯網世界的堅持和恆心。

Netmission was a perfect platform to test our limits and actualize our dreams. In 2012, we saw Toronto ICANN 45 meeting as the ideal opportunity to promote youth engagement. As a NetMission ambassador, I took the chance to speak with ICANN CEO Mr. Fadi Chehadé in person. Being impressed with our passion and determination to incorporate young people’s views into Internet governance, Fadi showed immense supports to our initiative and turned into reality the subsequent Youth ICANN in Beijing in 2013 and NextGen@ICANN in Singapore in 2014. We attribute NetMission’s success to every member’s unfailing perseverance and desire to change the Internet world.

譚建忠,网域使命青年使者 2.0


Jerry TAM, NetMission Ambassador 2.0

HKU, Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) ,Class of 2017

成為網域使命青年大使是在大學裡重要的一步。參加國際會議的機會和互聯網本身吸引了我。 很慶幸,我有機會參加在巴西10th UNIGF和成為在APrIGF中YIGF的籌委之一。由於我對互聯網管治鮮有認識,網域使命青年大使旅程由初期的摸著石頭過河,到後期的眼界大開,全然是一次珍貴的知識體驗。獲得的知識很多,亦很高興能以大使、青年人及亞洲人的身份發聲。如果你有願意接受挑戰,探討這領域,推薦你參加!

Different from being EXco, joining ECAs or fraternities, being a NetMission Ambassador is one of the best decisions in my university life. The chance to be a representative to an international conference and Internet itself excited and attracted me. Thus, I applied. Thankfully, I was selected to attend the 10th UNIGF in Brazil and to be one of the organizers in YIGF Taiwan during the APrIGF. Owing to my total ignorance to Internet Governance at the beginning, the learning curve was pretty steep. The exposure I got was tremendous. The knowledge I have acquired was interesting and important. The people I have met were inspirational and helpful. It’s been a blast throughout the journey. I am glad to have the chance to voice out as a NetMission Ambassador, as a youngster and as an Asian. I highly recommend this program to you if you have the guts to take challenges and are willing to explore Internet Governance!

楊珊瑜,网域使命青年使者 5.0


Hailey YANG, NetMission Ambassador 5.0

HKUST, Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) (ACCT&IS), Class of 2016

网域使命青年使者計劃帶給我的是視野和經驗。一年前我在填報名表時,我從來沒有想像過自己能夠遠赴巴西出席「聯合國網絡管治論壇 (UNIGF)」,又或者是在韓國協辦「亞太區網絡管治學院 (APIGA)」的訓練活動。很榮幸可以在不同場合與專家們討論網絡議題,和其他使者一起以香港青年的身分主動和與會者談及我所關注的題材。在個人層面上,我很高興能夠認識到一群志同道合的朋友,尤其是歷屆的网域使命青年使者。不要猶豫了,報名參加网域使命青年使者計劃啦!

I felt genuinely privileged to become a NetMission Ambassador. A year ago, never had I thought that this programme would offer me such valuable exposure and experience. NetMission provided me with the opportunities of attending the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UNIGF) 2015 held in Brazil, as well as co-organising sessions in Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA) in 2016. I was honoured to be able to discuss some of the most prevalent internet governance issues with prominent experts in the field. Furthermore, I felt empowered to proactively express my views in different occasions from the perspective of a youth from Hong Kong. On a personal level, I got to know lots of passionate and like-minded youth who are engaged in promoting youth participation, in particular the team of NetMission Ambassadors. If you’re thinking of joining the family of NetMission, you definitely should!

翁奕浩,网域使命青年使者 5.0


Felix Yung, NetMission Ambassador 5.0

HKU, Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance), Class of 2017


Program timeline

When it happens?

日期 Date 內容 Content
3 Oct 2016 (Mon)
9 Oct 2016 (Sun)
Application Deadline
15 Oct 2016 (Sat) 面試日
Interview Day
22 - 23 Oct 2016 (Sat - Sun) 訓練工作坊 一(全日訓練):網絡管治簡介及模擬ICANN會議
Training Workshop I (Whole Day Training) - Introduction to Internet Governance & Model ICANN Meeting
3 - 9 Nov 2016 (Thu - Wed) 互聯網名稱與數字地址分配機構 - 第57次會議@海得拉巴,印度
ICANN 57 (18th AGM)@Hyderabad, India
12 Nov 2016 (Sat) 訓練工作坊 二(半日):嘉賓分享(網絡議題 + 持續發展目標)
Training Workshop II (Half Day) - Guest Sharing (Internet Issues + SDGs)
19 Nov 2016 (Sat) 訓練工作坊 三(半日):嘉賓分享(網絡議題 + 倡議工作)
Training Workshop III (Half Day) - Guest Sharing (Internet Issues + Advocacy Work)
6 - 9 Dec 2016 (Tue - Fri) 聯合國網絡管治論壇@瓜達拉哈拉,墨西哥
UNIGF 2016@Guadalajara, Mexico
14 - 15 Jan 2017 (Sat - Sun) 訓練工作坊 四(訓練營/全日訓練):青年網絡管治論壇多持份者角色模擬會議
Training Workshop IV (Training Camp / Whole Day Training) - YIGF Multi-stakeholder Role Play Model
Jan - Jun 2017 全港中學巡迴「網絡管治工作坊」
Internet Governance Workshop School Tour
Regular Monthly Meeting and Workshop
Jul 2017 香港青年網絡管治論壇
Hong Kong Youth Internet Governance Forum (HKYIGF)
Mid Oct 2017 青年網絡管治論壇@墨爾本,澳洲
YIGF@Melbourne, Australia



報名費用:全免 | Application Fee: Free of Charge

截止報名日期:2016年10月9日 | Application Deadline: 9 Oct 2016